Camp CUBBER: Summer 2015
Grade Levels: K - 8th Grade
Dates: weekly starting June 8
Hours Open: 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM Normal camp activities are from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM and free extended care is offered before and after that.
Weekly Cost (Weeks 1-3, 5-9):
K-5th prepay/EFT:$132 per week 
K-5th weekly:$140 per week 
6th-8th prepay/EFT:$152 per week 
6th-8th weekly:$160 per week
Weekly Cost (Week 4: 6/29-7/3)
All Grades:
prepay/EFT: $110 per week
weekly: $118 per week
Weekly Cost MAX ADVENTURE WEEK (Last Week of Camp):
K-5th Grade: $155 per week
6th-8th Grade: $165 per week

2015 Registration:
$35 - S & C students
$45 - Returning campers
$55 - New campers
$10 discount on registration for enrollment in EFT or entire summer prepay.  Registration 
fee includes a camp t-shirt
Lunch (Optional):
Prepaid Weekly Price:
$20 per week (if paid for entire summer @ registration). Breaks down to $4 per day.
Non-Advance Purchase:
$5 per day - single day*
*No single day purchases on field trip days that would have a boxed lunch.

(Kindergarten - 1st Grade)

      (4th - 5th Grade)CUBBER_Jr..htmlCUBBER_Jr..htmlAdventurers.htmlAdventurers.htmlCUBBER_Jr..htmlAdventurers.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3

Part of what makes Camp CUBBER so special is that there is something here for EVERYONE!  We accept students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, but each grade has their own group and are in different rooms.   In fact, most grade levels have multiple groups and rooms.  Plus daily on site activities include so many choices, that your child is bound to find something they love.  Whether its art for your creative child, science for your inquisitive kid, computer lab for your technical one, or the arcade for your video game nut, each child is bound to have fun... its almost inevitable.

Camp CUBBER is the perfect fit for your child this summer.  With enough fun, variety, exciting trips, and amazing activities to last all summer, Camp CUBBER is perfect for the camper who wants to attend all summer or just for a few weeks.  And that’s all up to you.  You choose the weeks you plan for your child to attend.  That way you know that the camp trips and activities will be right for your child and what weeks fit your summer schedule!

And that’s just the half of it.  With plenty of special on site activities too, like science shows, animal shows, magic shows, inflatables, and more, there’s no end to how much fun they will have here at camp.  Plus each grade goes on different field trips designed especially for that age group.  Each group has at least 3 of these activities each week (either special on site activities or off site field trips).  Students are transported to and from field trips on either one of the church’s 25 passenger shuttle buses, the church’s 11 passenger vans, or rented transportation (usually school buses).  All vehicles have passed current safety regulations and have seat belts for all passengers.

Plus every child starts their morning with openings session - an interactive experience with live kid’s style praise and worship music with a full band; crazy, silly, and interactive games; hilarious, live and video recorded skits, and much more... all during opening session.  What a great way to start what promises to be a great day, full of fun for every camper.  Check out more specific information on your child’s age group below!

The Lowdown...

CUBBER Jr.CUBBER_Jr..htmlCUBBER_Jr..htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
What’s Included: Just about everything!  Field trips, activities, and afternoon snack are all included.
Daily On Site Activities: Vary by age group but include: Art,  Music, Science, Computer Lab, Sports & Recreation, Arcade, Cooking, Drama, and more.
Special On Site Activities
and Field Trips: Also vary by age group and weeks.  Check out the camp detail pages (below) or the registration packet for specifics.
4 more info
CUBBER Jr. (K - 1st Grade)
Discoverers (2nd - 3rd Grade)
Adventurers (4th - 5th Grade)
CrossRoads (6th - 8th Grade)CUBBER_Jr..htmlDiscoverers.htmlAdventurers.htmlCrossRoads.htmlCrossRoads.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3shapeimage_9_link_4


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